Rilasciato Feedreader 3.08

Il logo di feedreaderE' uscita una nuova versione del celebre aggregatore di feed RSS gratuito Feed Reader.

La changelist include:

  • Added experimental duplicate article grouping (autoduplicatediscovery=1 and maxdistance=?? if fine tuning is needed)
  • Inline article tagging (press "t" while article is active). There's also possibility to tag multiple selected articles at the same time
  • Now it's possible to copy multiple selected articles to clipboard. Save them to document or send to a friend at once.
  • Starring/flagging article can be done from webview.
  • Localized news packages available

Si tratta di un ottimo feedreader (come suggerisce il nome) leggero e veloce: perchè non approfittarne per provarlo con il feed di downloadblog?

[Via Forever Geek]

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