Firefox 9.0 Beta 1 disponibile per il download

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Il 20 dicembre, giorno in cui sarà rilasciato Firefox 9, si sta avvicinando e Mozilla non ha nessuna intenzione di farsi cogliere impreparata: ecco quindi spuntare la Beta 1, probabilmente la prima di una lunga serie. Questa versione, che arriva a pochi giorni dal rilascio dell’ultima major release del noto browser, porta con sé una serie di piccoli miglioramenti per Javascript e per la gestione del 3D con WebGL, garantendo una velocità superiore del 20% rispetto alla versione precedente.

Gli utenti di Mac OS X Lion saranno contenti di sapere che questa prima beta include un tema che va a migliorare l’integrazione di Firefox col sistema operativo di casa Apple. I restanti cambiamenti sono disponibili a questo indirizzo, mentre per scaricare il file di installazione dovrete recarvi qui: come al solito troverete tutte le lingue e le varie versioni per PC, Linux e Mac.

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    Posted by: antanix

    Sì ma hanno rotto i cogh lions ! Scritto il Date —

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    Posted by: Nicola Farina

    @antanix: Decisamente. Scritto il Date —

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    Posted by: niknik79

    Si ne stanno rilasciando troppi. Devo ammettere che la versione 8.0 è decisamente piu veloce…. Scritto il Date —

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    @3: Magari. Su FF8 su Linux, l'apertura di questo blog mi pesa in memoria 194MB. E poi lo senti in prestazioni… E' il caso? Scritto il Date —

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    Posted by: fox82i

    Nemmeno un settimana e già partoriscono la 9? Aaaooo!!! Ma tornare ai mega aggiornamenti dopo 6 mesi dal rilascio tanto difficile? No dico la RAM questa sconosciuta!!! Concentrarsi a migliorare le prestazioni della RAM tanto difficile? Dov'è finita la qualità del sofware? Mozilla se ci sei batti un colpo! Scritto il Date —

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    Chi si stupisce non conosce il sistema di sviluppo di Firefox. Adesso quando una versione diventa stabile (in media ogni sei settimane), la successiva va in fase beta e contemporaneamente ce ne sono altre due in sviluppo. Scritto il Date —

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"You buy two pieces of mobile phones to got stuck to know to the street.. </p><p>The whole nation carried out a mobile phone to block real name to make last year, labour believes a demand, rose on September 1, execute in the round add telephone subscriber real name newly to register. </p><p>On October 19, the reporter comes to to announce military division sell the store that the mobile phone blocks randomly, this inn boss says, the shift that sell, UniCom, telegraphic mobile phone gets stuck, all do not need to be registered with Id buy. </p><p>The reporter says to buy a few pieces more, inn boss says " you are detective company for certain " . </p><p>Came 21 days on October 19, the reporter visits the bazaar of much home electron such as ZhongGuanCun, equipment of all sorts of eavesdrop, fixed position although configuration each different, bag mount all did not show manufacturer address and connection pattern. </p><p>To this, economy of information of university of Beijing post and telecommunications and Ceng Jianqiu of director of competition ability research center are analysed, this kind of detectaphone inserts a mobile phone to get stuck is abnormity mobile phone actually, have receive automatically listen and fixed position function, "Do not calculate what high-tech " . </p><p><b>■ dark visit</b></p><p><b>"The mobile phone blocks duplicate eavesdrop " it is kite more</b></p><p>"Want to know with who your wife trysts? 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The other side says, want to tell the mobile phone order that needs eavesdrop only, can duplicate an eavesdrop card, the compatible card of system of location of GPRS of a kind of gather and SIM card function, number and by the accord of eavesdrop. </p><p>The user can go to eavesdrop card outfit in a mobile phone, no matter be by listener-in advocate cry or be called, the mobile phone that holds eavesdrop card can give out toot, can hear by the talk of listener-in, short message content also can be received at the same time, still can locate in addition by the position of listener-in. </p><p>That evening, this company contacts a reporter, say to want to make 1200 yuan of money into only assign account, the newspaper gives the number that needs eavesdrop, morrow can be made come out and arrange deliver goods. </p><p>The reporter insists to examine goods pay, the other side promises morrow to meet to trade, emphasize " eavesdrop sells card on the net 99% it is cheater, this is high-tech, average company and individual master far from possibly, do not believe those companies. Do not believe those companies.. </p><p>Subsequently, 131 when before reporter newspaper gives this, buy paragraph of mobile phone number, make the other side duplicate eavesdrop gets stuck. </p><p><b>"Eavesdrop date " the incoming telegram rejects to examine goods</b></p><p>On October 19 13 when make, ave of happiness of the city zone is mixed east wide mouth of canal road across, the reporter awaits contact. </p><p>The phone is hit, a man of southern accent professes " A Jiang " , it is the person that sends eavesdrop check, arrive immediately. </p><p>He says the company has a regulation, to avoid public security capture arrives active, cannot receive ready money face to face, "You seek a bank around, to moment we trade then in the bank, you had tried card, make money to company account directly. Make money to company account directly.. </p><p>13 when 10 minutes, the reporter is in postal deposit east south beautiful city in dial before door of subbranch of a bank " A Jiang " phone. </p><p>"A Jiang " say to already was in around, the meeting after a minute blocks a reporter to make a telephone call with eavesdrop. </p><p>After a minute, 131 when before reporter mobile phone shows this, offer paragraph of number incoming telegram, the other side enquires ceaselessly " sound is clear " . </p><p>After ring off, "A Jiang " make a telephone call, call shorten trade time reduces a risk, requirement reporter makes a money directly, later he comes over quickly to give card reporter. </p><p>The reporter insists to want to go to eavesdrop card outfit in him mobile phone, the ability after the test makes a money. "A Jiang " emphasize repeatedly, a moment ago communicated to already proved to had been made really gave eavesdrop card, "Communicate again, be afraid of by machine advocate just discover. You make money rapidly, I can see you, make money I run to gave you card in the past. Make money I run to gave you card in the past.. </p><p>Pestered 20 minutes, see the reporter rejects to hit money to accept card again first from beginning to end, "A Jiang " be ashamed into anger, "If you do not make money, we are contacted immediately by that individual of eavesdrop, go out the thing disclose of your eavesdrop the other side. You also must want today, also must not want. Also must not want.. </p><p><b>Connection " by listener-in " menace wants money</b></p><p>In a few minutes, far in east the another a famous player of straight door runs afore-mentioned 131 words paragraph the reporter of number mobile phone, receive an incoming message as expected. </p><p>The woman of a southern accent professes is express, "Have you express, but the address is ambiguous, tell me you are in, I send to you. " reporter requirement will be express send friend part, the other side says " must him sign after receiving sth " , "You say an address, wait for you to come back to send to you again. " the reporter blurts out an address, ring off of immediately of the other side. </p><p>City is spent east south in before door of subbranch of a bank, the reporter is received again " A Jiang " phone, weigh foregone path by the specific address of listener-in, "Give you the consideration between one climate, your otherwise pays, we look for the other side to want money. We look for the other side to want money.. </p><p>Subsequently, the reporter contacts many 10 company that professes to be able to make mobile phone eavesdrop get stuck with all possible means, state first already was decieved for many times, accident tries not loan. When speaking of this, each company negotiates with all sorts of reason ends. Have company criterion speak bluntly, the mobile phone that also does not know even them to be able to realize listening function after all gets stuck. </p><p>To this, customer service of UniCom of Chinese shift, China all expresses, duplicate by number only can the mobile phone that eavesdrop communicates gets stuck " it is deceive people " . </p><p><b>The expert says duplicate card is bilk more</b></p><p>On October 21, labour believes a Chen Jinqiao of telegraphic academy assistant chief engineer to express, from theoretic say, know the mobile phone blocks bugle call only, average number card can be duplicated, "It is early a few years ago, name of 2G mobile phone gets stuck add secret technology to ever was defeated to had been solved by the hacker, duplicate the card that come out can realize listening function. Duplicate the card that come out can realize listening function.. </p><p>Chen Jinqiao says, but the person that masters the skill that defeat solution and manufacturer are very little, small manufacturer and company are accomplished unlikely know number to be able to duplicate only a card that has listening function, "A lot of outlaw are to be being used monitor as bait bilk. "A lot of outlaw are to be being used monitor as bait bilk.. </p><p>To " eavesdrop date " incoming telegram, economy of information of university of Beijing post and telecommunications and Ceng Jianqiu of director of competition ability research center teach an explanation, this is to use software changing name, make the number that come with computer program. </p><p>He also thinks, average company and individual make a listening card impossibly, duplicate card need is tall sophisticated soft hardware equipment. To a piece card undertakes duplicating completely, need obtains the information such as the password of card, "The system of business of operation of communication of have the aid of of completely duplicate need. "The system of business of operation of communication of have the aid of of completely duplicate need.. </p><p><b>■ lawyer argument</b></p><p><b>Besides " hit dried " more " hit a tiger "</b></p><p>Beijing fine install attorney office Su Huaidong's lawyer to think, privately is used, equipment of eavesdrop of buying and selling, belong to illegal behavior. </p><p>The behavior of eavesdrop other mobile phone encroached the privacy of others to counterpoise, but still cannot make clear in jurisprudence at present in fact find " privacy counterpoises " , practice is medium the regulation of an authority of can applicable reputation, this respect needs to perfect relevant legislation. </p><p>Monitor material belongs to a country to control a product only, its production, sale, hold and use be restricted strictly. Only the country installs all door and public security branch to undertake below specific requirement the ability when investigation is used. " national safety law " regulation, any individuals and organization do not get illegal hold, use bug, steal according to wait for special and emissary equipment; " criminal law " regulation, illegal production, sale, use eavesdrop, steal according to special equipment, cause serious consequence investigate criminal duty lawfully. </p><p>In the meantime, to afore-mentioned cases, many legal personage appeals, urgent need strengthens the superintendency of pair of telegraphic industries and penalty, "Light hits dried, do not hit a tiger " , very difficult from go up at all solve a problem. </p><p><b>■ how be on guard</b></p><p><b>Value your mobile phone and card</b></p><p>Chen Jinqiao of assistant chief engineer of Chinese industry and academy of informatization ministry telecommunication says, current, 3G card is the card of mobile phone number that was not broken to solve completely, "Suggest conditional average check user upgrades into 3G card. "Suggest conditional average check user upgrades into 3G card.. </p><p><p>Economy of information of university of Beijing post and telecommunications and Ceng Jianqiu of director of competition ability research center express, former date card adds secret technology relatively simple really, may be defeated to solve by outlaw, the password that this part blocks is protected and upgrade need to strengthen, additionally communication operation business should strengthen check the number to block the government that adds secret technology. As the user of terminal, the expert offers the following proposal: 1, need to accomplish the card that has protected oneself and card password, do not download software to arrive easily oneself mobile phone. 2, somebody sends hand confidential reshipment the system. Everything " eavesdrop " software is to follow a mobile phone to bind calm. </p><p>3, the colour letter that stranger hair comes to is not clicked easily examine, contain the colour letter of the link especially, do not click as far as possible enter this link. </p><p>4, normal website is browsed when the mobile phone gets online, choose a hand to use input network address as far as possible, avoid by a few contain the website charge that peeps illicit software trojan. </p><p>5, the transmission port on the mobile phone, wait like blue tooth, infra-red, USB, need not when shut as far as possible. </p> Scritto il Date —

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